District 20

What is the New Senate District 20?

The district lines have shifted due to redistricting, and now there is a new 20th District for the Virginia Senate.

The Virginia Senate’s new 20th District includes all of Accomack and Northampton counties as well as parts of Norfolk city and Virginia Beach city.

Why Did Virginia’s Districts Change?

Virginians voted to approve a redistricting process for their state House and Senate districts. If you’d like to learn more about the redistricting process you can visit the Virginia Redistricting Commission website.

District SD-20: Vital for Protecting all Virginians

“We have an opportunity to keep Virginia from extremism. That opportunity must be seized in November.”

Virginia’s new 20th District was redrawn in 2022 and now includes all of Accomack and Northampton counties as well as parts of Norfolk city and Virginia Beach city. This area in the heartland of Virginia is key for Virginia’s Senate in November.

Find Your Precinct

There are 60 precincts included in Virginia’s new Senate District 20. It’s important to know which precinct to go to in your county in order for your vote to be counted. Find your precinct in the list below.

All Accomack County precincts (16)
All Northampton County precincts (5)
Norfolk City precincts (5)
Virginia Beach City precincts (34)-A
Virginia Beach City precincts (34)-B

Get to Know the New District 20

SD-20 includes the Historic Virginia Eastern Shore and many scenic and beautiful coastal areas. Whether you’re looking to spot the famous wild horses of Chincoteague, visit America’s first lighthouse at Cape Henry, or dine on the delicious blue crabs of Chesapeake Bay, District 20 has a lot to offer for your next adventure or as a place to call home.

Virginia District 20 by the Numbers




Median Income


College graduation rate


minority-owned businesses


veteran-owned businesses


schools and colleges

Voter Resources

Register or Update Information

Registering to vote in Virginia is easy, but you do need to meet certain requirements. Already registered but need to update or change your voter information? You can do all of this online with the Virginia Department of Elections.

Request an absentee ballot

Virginia residents are able to vote via absentee ballot by filling out an application to do so. After submitting an application, voters are able to see if their absentee application was received, and whether their ballot was sent and received.

Have other questions?

The Virginia Department of Elections’ website offers several types of resources, including a question and answer page. This page covers everything from when and where you can vote to your voter eligibility and any documents you need to show when voting in person.




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